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   Welcome to the Practical Process Improvement Library!


We have over 100 articles and presentations for your reading pleasure. We make these documents available to you as an important part of both the education process and the sustaining process. These documents provide answers to many “how-to” questions, offer examples of how Lean is applied in a wide variety of environments, and help organizations see the benefits of Lean as they are applied in the real world.


The material in the attached files is written by a number of different authors with various roles including CEO, VP, Business owner, Consultant, Hourly employee, Professor, and Lean champion.  The subjects discussed cover Lean tools, Lean philosophy, Lean leadership, Lean deployment, Lean office, Lean supply chain, Lean Marketing, Lean factory design, Lean accounting and Lean enterprise.


Industries represented include Medical, Aerospace, Healthcare, Dental, Metal forming, Plastics, Electronics, Wire forming, Machining, Repair, and Stamping.


As you browse the various offerings, keep in mind that the concepts and principles discussed in the articles are applicable across all processes and environments.

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