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Lean Thinking
Lean is a philosophical approach to developing flexible, responsive processes capable of providing your customers with what they want, in the amount the need, exactly when they want it. It is a hands-on business approach that provides industry-leading performance in quality, delivery, price, and service to your customers at the lowest possible cost. "Learn by Doing" is a basic philosophy of Lean; you can't truly learn the Lean concepts from a book, only hands-on experience can do that. By focusing on the overall system effectiveness versus individual efficiency, Lean guides your decisions on improvements to achieve long-term sustainable results for the business. The Lean approach involves all employees to continuously pursue the elimination of waste from every business process. Companies that follow a Lean business strategy invariably reap the benefits of dollarized results that hit the "bottom line", increased customer satisfaction, increased marketing opportunities, and growth opportunities that are the envy of the competition.

Lean Experience

Bob began working with productivity improvement concepts as a plant manager in the early 1980’s and leveraged that “Learn-by-doing” philosophy as a Project Manager with Eliyahu Goldratt in the deployment of Theory of Constraints with General Motors. Formal Lean training occurred with former Toyota executives with the Kaizen Institute of America, which Bob applied in a key role in the design and deployment of Lean at Black & Decker Corporation during the 1990’s. As a Project Manager with the Spectrum Management Group, Bob worked with client companies to implement Lean philosophy in a variety of processes, including Electronic PCBA and Assembly, Forging, Investment casting, Metal fabrication, Injection molding, Wire drawing, Machining and Repair. As a Lean Sensei, Bob led a team for the $8.0 billion Celestica Corporation to win the first-ever Shingo Award in the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry in 2005. Bob went on to work for CONNSTEP in 2007, a Connecticut based consulting firm that works with small to medium-sized companies within Connecticut to stimulate manufacturing growth. He continued to apply his Lean experiences in the role of General Manager/Manager-Lean Innovation with Seconn Fabrication, a sheet metal fabrication job-shop that serves a wide range of industries. Most recently, Bob provided Lean leadership to suppliers of Covidien as a Senior Supplier Development Engineer, a $10 billion manufacturer of surgical devices. Currently, Bob manages his own consulting business that provides Lean program development support to clients in the Clinical Trials, Dental Laboratory, and Metal Shaping industries.

Bob has played key roles in Lean Manufacturing implementation, Lean Office processes, Theory of Constraints thinking, Operational Assessment, Supply Chain development, Manufacturing/Project Management, Business development, and New Product design/development. Bob offers skills in motivation, leadership, manufacturing methods and operational improvements in multi-plant environments. He has extensive experience in design, deployment, and implementation of such productivity programs as 6s, Visual Management, Set-up reduction, Kaizen, Cellular Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Supply Chain development, Demand flow, Total Productive Maintenance and Office Lean. As an Adjunct Professor in the Connecticut Community College system, Bob co-developed and teaches a Lean Enterprise curriculum. Bob has written numerous articles about Lean deployment and has authored the book "Wrestling the Gorilla" - a do-it-yourself guidebook to implementing a basic Lean production system.

Industrial Background

Bob offers over thirty years of hands-on international experience in industries including Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Chemical and Consumer Goods. He previously held positions of:

    • Senior Supplier Development Engineer- Covidien
    • General Manager/Manager of Lean Innovation- Seconn Fabrication
    • Manager, Lean Deployment – CONNSTEP
    • Vice-President, Lean Operations – Flextronics
    • Director, Global Lean Operations - Celestica Corporation
    • Principal Consultant - PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Manager of Consulting - Spectrum Management Group
    • Supply Chain Manager; Manager, Business Improvement; Operational Audit Supervisor - Black & Decker
    • Project Manager with Eliyahu Goldratt
    • Plant Manager Parsons Diamond Products
    • Production Planning Supervisor for the Wiremold Company.



 Bob holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Susquehanna University, is a member of the    Association for Manufacturing Excellence, is a certified Shingo Award Examiner and lectures extensively on the various aspects of implementing Lean concepts in both Manufacturing and the Office environments.

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